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Dick Brothers Photo Contest and Beer Ambassador Program

Here's how it works: Points will be awarded to photo submissions based on distance away, difficulty and creativity. Photos must show the Dick Brothers Brewing logo via sticker, beer bottle, printed logo, T-shirt, etc. Photos should be submitted via our Facebook page. Monthly winners will be posted to the website and awarded prizes.

The Rules:

Get your pictures taken with our Dick Brothers logo and post them to our Facebook Page. Places that will earn more points: Historic Houses Tour: Private home tours, Main street houses, John Wood Mansion, Quincy Museum, Villa Katherine, etc. On the Mississippi River: Lock and Dam 21, Quinsippi Island, river steamboats, barges, or levees. On a boat under the Quincy Bay View bridge or the Quincy Memorial Bridge or on any boat hull (extra points for leaving a sticker on the bridge piling or channel marker). In front of historic Dick Brothers Brewery signs or breweriana. On the bumper of any Budweiser, Miller, or Coors distribution truck. With feet in the sand and sunset on the water. On the golf course: Spring Lake, Country Club, Westview, and other area clubs. Thumbs up with any elected official. At your job: Put our sticker on your safety helmet, cubicle, or laptop. Outside Quincy and Adams County: In front of major landmarks, monuments, buildings, statues or historic sites. At major festivals or gatherings of any type. Sports arenas or at sports tournaments. With celebrities or celebrity look-a-likes. Bridges, tunnels, terminals, skyscrapers or lighthouses. Signs entering national parks and forests. Signs entering different States or countries.

What You Earn:

First and foremost, the satisfaction of community activation and historic preservation. Secondly... ummm... ok... Beer? Perhaps... free beer? Monthly awards will be given in the following recipient categories:

Assistant Brewmaster - Get chosen by our judging panel in our monthly photo contest as best “Brew Crew Member”.  Get a six pack or six wooden nickels.

Cellar Dweller - Submit or post to our Facebook or Twitter page 5 to 20 pictures of you with the Dick Brothers Brewing Company brand wearing our t-shirts, posting our stickers, drinking our beer, or cashing in our wooden nickels.  Get awarded two more wooden nickels.

Cicerone’s Mate - Submit or post to our Facebook or Twitter page 1 to 5 pictures of you with the Dick Brothers Brewing Company brand wearing our t-shirts, putting up our stickers, drinking from our pint glasses, or cashing in our wooden nickels. Get awarded one wooden nickel.

Brewer's Apprentice - “Yeah mate, you’re on board now.”  Sign up for our Dick Brothers Brew Crew mailing list, email distribution list, Facebook and Twitter sites to get information on our brewing company.