Patent Pending Dick Brothers Brewing Equipment

  • Passive Copper Cladding External Heat Exchanger
  • No/Low Chemical Cleaning Process Via Steam Sterilization
  • Unique Control Algorithms... Push Button Mashout, Kettle Souring, Water Preheating, etc. 
  • Online Monitoring
  • Compatible with open source microcontrollers: Arduino, Raspberry PI
  • Applications and software has ability to connect with large user community
  • Mash Filter Screw Press
  • Integrated Green Energy Technologies 

Brewery Technologies in the Design Lab

The BREWTRONIX Control Panel

We provide the complete Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) design and integration into your brewery.  We supply the complete electrical control systems to achieve more productivity from your brewing equipment. This includes:

  • PLC Program design and development
  • Control panel, wired and bench tested
  • Touch Screen (HMI) program development
  • Onsite commissioning, de-bugging, start-up assistance, and upgrade planning
  • Wiring and installation guidance
  • Equipment compatibility strategies
  • Automation Control Process Implementation

Brewtronix Overview: Our technology reduces the amount of experience required by the brewery staff, reduces the number of brewery staff employees, and reduces the amount of annual energy consumption. Early upfront brewhouse design engineering reduces the lifecycle operational and maintenance costs of the brewery, an estimate annual savings of $30,000 to $50,000 per year. This makes the new start up brewery more competitive when entering the market.

PLC Autonomous Mash Control - allows repeatable multistage mash techniques and controls brewery temperature settings. Remembers recipe set-points for sharing within the alliance. Logs record energy usage allocation and create a capital improvement strategy for the brewery.

The Brewtronix Technology is a suite of technologies.  First, Brewtronix is a turnkey brewery controller programmed to handle the hot and cold side of the brewing operations.  Secondly, Brewtronix coupled with the engineering services provides the expertise for the integration of environmentally sustainable practices and technologies into the brewhouse's operations and design.   

Brewery Consulting and Engineering Design Services


Can Hands - Aluminum based technology utilized during the packaging process to help reach, manipulate and move cans.  Plus thousands of other uses.  CAN HANDS_2.0™ is currently under development with USB and Bluetooth technologies.  Great team motivator and all orders come with a 12 month CAN HANDS Calendar. "Can Hands" not "Can't Hands.

Can Hands Machine Wax -Can Hands bioresistant antimicrobial aluminum and stainless steel equipment wax. Protect your equipment from frequent caustic washes, hard water stains, and beer stone buildup.  Regular CIP washing cleans the surfaces that beer is transferred through but beer splash zones and hard to see places (under the conveyor belt) not subject to routine cleaning or forgotten... Can Hands Machine Wax coats and clings to the microscopic porous metal and provides an antimicrobial polish to reduce cleaning frequency.  Works on beards and mustaches as well.

PLC Control Panel Touch Screen 

Bar Top Hop Randall - Connectable to existing beer and glycol lines to filter craft beer thru hops and other organic infusions. The Bar Top Hop Randall is designed with a cooling plate that chills the beer and reduces foaming.  The Bar Top Hop Randall is integrated into any craft beer bar… You don’t have to be a brewery or brewpub to use this craft beer technology.  Infuse just about anything you palate desires, from hops, to orange and citrus flavors, to cayenne peppers to steam distilled hop oils.   

Mash Filter Screw Press - A Dewatering screw press is a screw press that separates liquids from solids. A screw press can be used in place of a false bottom and mash mixer or mash filter press. Advantages / Benefits: decreases cycle time from mash to boil, increased extraction efficiency, larger range of ingredient usage (i.e. high wheat content and adjunct grains that can stick the mash tun), can be utilized with whole hops and in lieu of whirlpool to reduce kettle trub and spent whole hops after boil.  Increased production capability = more money from production and less overhead  and less initial capital costs.  The Mash Filter Screw Press is a reincarnation and improved design of an old technology that originated from Anderson, the inventor of the Expeller® press and continuous press process who has been delivering process solutions since 1888.   


Ideal for small commercial breweries and homebrewers


  • Analog Mode for getting to know the equipment and brewing process
  • Arduino Controller for digital and automated processes
  • Emulation of large scale patent pending brewing equipment
  • Open source programming development
  • Gets the brewer and business familiar with large scale equipment
  • Introduces the initial automation processes
  • Lowers disruption of the business during growth periods

Most decent brewers understand the brewing process but struggle with the ability to manipulating the various controls within a brewery. The Brewtronix Trainer is the "go-between" for helping the brewer understand basic controls, output/inputs, automation, and sensor signals.